Halo Wars 2 Blitz Multiplayer Beta Available Until 1/30

The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Multiplayer beta is now available to play until January 30th! The multiplayer beta is open to anyone on Windows 10 PC and for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One.

Blitz offers a unique twist on Halo Wars 2 gameplay by replacing the traditional real-time strategy (RTS) aspects of resource collection, base building and tech tree planning with a streamlined way to build your armies and jump straight into the action.

Unlike a traditional RTS match, your entire army and Leader Powers are selected and built before a Blitz match even begins. Players will select a Leader and build a deck of 12 cards, with each card representing a type of unit or Leader Power. All units and Powers have an energy cost associated; finding the right balance of cheap and weak vs. expensive and high-tech units is all part of the deeper strategy. There are also Leader-specific cards; for instance, Captain Cutter is all about providing orbital support from the UNSC Spirit of Fire (Archer Missiles!) while UNSC Logistics AI Isabel can confuse opponents with AI holograms. In team matches, players will also want to figure out ways to synergize decks for maximum impact.

For fans new to RTS, Blitz takes players straight into battle while RTS veterans will find opportunity for deeper strategy through deck building, army composition and counterplay. The beta is Player vs. Player only, but Blitz will also include a Player vs. Environment mode – Blitz Firefight – at launch.

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