Anime Review – Naruto Shippuden: Box Set 17

The dubbed goodness of Naruto Shippuden is now on its 17th box set! And we have the review to let you know just how awesome it is.

Before continuing though, please be warned that this is quite spoiler-ific! So if spoilers aren’t exactly your thing, you might want to skip this review. Trust us when we say though, that this box set is DEFINITELY worthy of a purchase! And you can purchase at most major retailers, including the following: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Rightstuf!

Read the review following the break, and once again, be warned that there ARE spoilers!

In the last Naruto Shippuden box set, the Kage successfully fought off Sasuke after learning that one of their own, Danzo of the Hidden Leaf and current Hokage as a fill-in for Lady Tsunade, had a secret agenda and attempted to manipulate Mifune in to choosing him as the leader of the five Kage. However, thanks to a distraction from Akatsuki members Sasuke and Zetsu, Danzo was able to make a quick escape with his subordinates.


After the fight with Sasuke, the masked Akatsuki member known as Tobi who revealed himself as Madara Uchiha shows up and states his master plan to the Kage, asking for their cooperation. His plan being to use all of the Jinchuuriki to revive the origin of the tailed beasts, a mysterious being known as the Ten-Tailed Beast that would grant Madara godlike powers. If they refuse, he threatens with war. The Kage refuse to cooperate with Madara, and will not hand over Naruto and Killer B as he asked. Madara then declares war on the Kage before vanishing with Sasuke.

Following Madara’s departure and his declaration of war against them, the remaining Kage come together as an alliance and form the Allied Shinobi Forces. With A, the Raikage, taking the front as their leader, the coveted spot that Danzo was after. While all of this has been going, Sakura approaches Naruto on his way to the Five Kage and confesses her love for him in an attempt to bring him back to the Hidden Leaf and convince him to forget about Sasuke. Elsewhere, Killer B is locked in a deadly battle with Akatsuki member Kisame!


Box Set 17 has a difficult task at hand when it has to follow the Five Kage Summit arch, but it handles itself pretty well by moving the plot forward at a nice pace and showcasing a few important battles that are action-packed and very dramatic. From Killer B facing off against Kisame, which was an awesome spectacle of fighting animation, to the dramatic and super intense fight between Sasuke and Danzo that goes on through multiple episodes. During this fight, you find that the man known as Danzo has a lot more to him than what we once thought, and his story brings a lot more insight to his tragic character.

Afterwards, we finally get to see the reunion we’ve been waiting for. The original Team 7 all together once again! Yes, this box set certainly does a fine job in getting the plot wheels turning. It brings a lot more focus on the characters featured and turns some otherwise smaller characters in to key players. With the Kage and their villages on the verge of war with Madara and the Akatsuki emotions are running high.

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Now that we’re all caught up on the story and I’ve spilled the beans on enough elements to it, let’s move on to other aspects of the new box set for Naruto Shippuden. We’ll start with audio features. Considering the amount of episodes Naruto has had at this point, it’s certainly no surprise to see Viz Media has of course stuck with the regular voice actors for all of the characters featured in the latest dubbed episodes. So you can dive in to this latest batch of episodes expecting to hear the high quality voice work you’re used to with the anime, even going as far as Killer B’s dubbed rhymes being just as bad as his Japanese counterpart’s. ~_^

As for the background soundtrack, like the voice acting nothing has really changed in this regard either. There are really no new standout themes throughout the episodes and you’ll hear the same music you’re familiar with during the appropriate time. The Opener for these episodes is by 7 Oops and is called “Lovers, you’ll find it’s quite fitting to Team 7’s whole ordeal and is a pretty nice song to listen to as well. The ending theme is by Home Made Kazoku and is called Freedom, it’s pretty much the opposite of what Lovers is in every way but is also a great song to enjoy.


Now on to the bonus features! Naruto Shippuden Box Set 17 comes packed with the usual various types of extras on disc that you’re familiar with from the previous box sets. Such as the English Credits, trailers from various Viz Media anime, Original Storyboard pages, an art gallery, clean versions of the opening and ending themes, and the omake feature. The Omake feature has a couple of humorous shorts in it that bring a little of the show’s comedy back in to the mix and show a bit of Naruto’s pervy side! Along with the on-disc features, Viz Media also threw a little slip in the box that offers a 30-day trial for Neon Alley. So make sure you try the service out, it’s quite good! And with this extended free trial, you really have nothing to lose in doing so. 🙂

Overall, Naruto Shippuden: Box Set 17 is action-packed and full of intense, dramatic scenes. It also delivers some great battles, including a big one the viewers have been waiting for, along with the reunion and confrontation of the original three from Team 7! Naruto and Sakura finally come face to face with Sasuke once again. Is it the Sasuke they’ve been searching for all of this time though? The Sasuke they know and love? Or has Madara succeeded in his twisted act of manipulation on the poor young man? All of this and more is seen in Box Set 17, and the best thing is you get to watch it all unfold one after the other without those pesky filler episodes getting in the way. Set 17 stays focused on the main story and the closest thing to “filler” here are meaningful flashbacks that help everything unfold!

We give this exciting new box set of Naruto Shippuden a solid A!

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