SuBLime and Viz Media Announce Spiritual Police Release!

SuBLime entices readers with a sexy paranormal romance in Youka Nitta’s latest release – SPIRITUAL POLICE. The new manga series launched earlier this week, is rated ‘M’ for Mature Readers, and carries an MSRP of $12.99 U.S. / $14.99 CAN!

Rookie police officer Nagatsuma doesn’t believe in superstitious mumbo-jumbo, so he’s skeptical the first time he visits a masseur known as the “Spiritual Doctor.” But he soon learns that the blind, beautiful Aoi is more than just a physical therapist—when he lays his hands on his patients, he can see into their fates and souls. But is Aoi the saintly healer he seems to be? And when the two men give in to the desire for a more-than-clinical relationship, can Nagatsuma separate his new feelings from his job on the force?

“Youka Nitta’s latest SuBLime release turns on the drama as Aoi and Nagatsuma find themselves falling for each other and also snared in a complex web tying them both to a mysterious cult leader,” says Jennifer LeBlanc, Editor, SuBLime, “The passion also becomes palpable as cute rookie cop Nagatsuma discovers Aoi has senses and special skills that were heightened when he lost his sight. Readers and fans of Youka Nitta especially will not want to miss this sexy new series from one of the biggest names in the yaoi genre!”

Youka Nitta made her publishing debut with GROUPIE in 1995, and since then has become one of the most prolific and popular yaoi manga creators worldwide. Her most well-known series, EMBRACING LOVE (published in North America as a 2-in-1 edition by SuBLime), has been adapted into both a drama CD as well as an anime series. Another of Nitta’s popular manga series, STARTING WITH A KISS, is also published in North America by SuBLime. More information about Youka Nitta is available on her English-language website at:


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